Stretching the truth!

Someone whose goal is to add as much muscle they can require much weight, a lot of food, rest and patience. It is also one to add to the list and it’s a stretch. Stretching helps improve athletic performance, reduce injury-based activities, and even add to the increase in overall flexibility. All this should be required attributes in the training. So the question should be, why is stretching important?

Well for one, avoid any injury should be positive. Having an injury that prevents you from training may actually hinder your goals. On another note, being flexible will help increase the period of exercise. Having this will help you in weight training by allowing you to control as much muscle muscles as much as possible. This is done by targeting the muscles through a wider range of movement rather than part of the range.

Another positive is the increased flexibility. Many lack flexibility because of their lack of attention to stretching. Many can not touch their toes since their range of motion is so limited. As a result, many people often experience tightness in the lower back and along the back of the foot. This will eventually lead to more problems later in life if not treated.

Stretching also helps improve blood circulation in the body. Using stretching before exercise can help warm it up before hand. Dynamic or ballistic stretching before is ideal at this time rather than after. Ballistic or dynamic stretches involve using quick, bouncing movements to force the muscles to lengthen. For example, leg swing walks or arm swings. Passive stretching would be more appropriate after exercise passive stretching involves holding the stretch for a few seconds. An example would be, bending over to touch your toes and hold it for 5-10 seconds.

Now let me recap on why stretching is necessary not only for muscle growth, but overall health. First prevents it any injuries from occurring or re-occurring. Using heavy weights will expand the potential for injury. Doing stretching will help reduce its influence. Second, it helps increase range of motion. Better range of motion equals more damage to muscles allowing for a much stronger and bigger muscles to form. Finally, it helps draw more blood into the muscle. More blood into the muscle will allow more imports of nutrients that will help assist the recovery process.

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